Founded in 2017 and integrated into the Madison Group to support key product development requirements and market sector focus, mIoT began the design, development, and manufacture of the Captis range. As an emerging technology, our team identified the need for a complete end-to-end IoT solution for industrial applications, and thus mIoT’s mission has been to provide cutting edge, cellular based IoT monitoring and measurement solutions. In addition to innovation, mIoT also strive to create long-term sustainability solutions, not only for the businesses we service, but for the greater community.

Continually looking forward, mIoT’s pursuit of excellence extends from product design and includes the way we challenge processes and how we tailor solutions to the growing needs of our customer base. We hold our team’s invaluable knowledge and expertise instrumental to both our success and the success of our customers. Based in Brisbane, Australia, mIoT has a global reach with an international team and a dedicated distributor network.

Our Vision

To provide remote monitoring devices for every large
infrastructure network in the World

Our Mission

To develop and manufacture cutting edge Cellular based Industrial IoT monitoring and measurement equipment for the Global market.

Our Values


The only constant is change; therefore, we strive to continuously improve and look ahead.


Working closely with our valued customers and partners to truly understand how our product solutions can support real world challenges to market sector use cases.


A genuine commitment to long-term sustainability for our customers and the greater community.

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