Captis: One Device For Your Ecosystem

Smart Cities strive to increase operational efficiency while simultaneously improving both the quality of government services and citizen welfare. The challenges being addressed in the Smart Cities space include aging infrastructure, traffic congestion, air and water pollution and an overall scarcity of natural resources driving more considered use of water and electricity utilities. The Captis enables smarter decision making by providing data-driven insights into the most important aspect of your city ecosystem.

Application Spotlight: Smart Sewer Lid

Create a smart sewer lid using the Captis Pulse and Float Switch to monitor sewer levels and send alarms when approaching high level marks. The Captis on-board GPS can tell you where the problem pipes are, and enable you to dispatch services more efficiently.

Smart Cities
Applications & Devices

  • Unauthorised Entry: Captis Multi
  • Sump, Sewer & Drain Levels: Captis Pulse
  • Noise Levels: Captis Multi
  • Weather Stations & Environmental Monitoring:
    Captis Multi & Captis Solar
  • Temperature & Humidity: Captis Multi

Captis range

Captis is the one device you need to measure, monitor and control your entire IoT ecosystem.
Find the right solution for you in our full range of Captis cellular dataloggers.

Captis Metrum


Captis Pulse


Captis Multi


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