Captis: One Device For Your Ecosystem

Captis helps provide the edge for transport authorities by measuring and monitoring a range of transport activities,
helping to identify areas of improvement and growth, as well as ensuring safety and network efficiency.

Application Spotlight: Weather Monitoring

Measure water levels in sewers and drains on busy main roads. By connecting Captis to a level transducer, water levels in remote and difficult-to-access locations can be monitored closely.

ITS Industry Applications

  • Ambient Temperature & Humidity: Captis Multi
  • PLC/RTU Interfaces: Captis Multi+
  • Sump, Sewer & Drain Levels: Captis Pulse

Captis range

Captis is the one device you need to measure, monitor and control your entire IoT ecosystem.
Find the right solution for you in our full range of Captis cellular dataloggers.

Captis Pulse Lite


Captis Multi


Captis Power+


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