Captis: Small, Smart and Safe

Closely monitor the environmental impacts of entertainment precincts, construction sites and other infrastructure assets using the Captis system. Parameters such as water usage, flow, pressure, humidity, lux, noise as well as temperature values can be measured and reported on.

Big data analytics has provided the opportunity to extract more value from optimising the use of existing industrial, corporate and public transport infrastructure. In order to do this, more data needs to be collected for the purposes of modelling and supporting important infrastructure decision-making.

Monthly Application Spotlight: Air Quality

Captis can be placed on work sites to monitor air quality, specifically with respect to measuring the spread and density of dust particles. This helps to ensure the health and safety of people on the work site and in the surrounding community, as well as avoiding environmental damage and potential fines.

Infrastructure Industry Applications

  • Vibration Monitoring
  • PLC/RTU Interfaces
  • Smart Relays
  • BMS Interfaces

Captis range

Captis is the one device you need to measure, monitor and control your entire IoT ecosystem.
Find the right solution for you in our full range of Captis cellular dataloggers.

Captis Metrum


Captis Solar


Captis Multi+


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