Captis: One Device For Your Ecosystem

Create multi-sensor monitoring solutions to measure the impact of weather events on
your work environment, or the impact of work activities on the natural environment.

Monthly Application Spotlight: Water Quality

Use Captis to monitor water quality, recording parameters such as pH, conductivity, and ORP. The data captured by the Captis datalogger helps to identify issues early and help prevent contamination of waterways, dams or natural habitats.

Industry Applications

  • Weather Station: Captis Multi & Captis Solar
    Rain Gauge
    Air Quality & Dust Monitoring
    Temperature & Humidity
  • Waterway Quality Monitoring: Captis Multi
  • Dust Monitoring: Captis Multi
  • Soil Quality: Captis Multi

Captis range

Captis is the one device you need to measure, monitor and control your entire IoT ecosystem.
Find the right solution for you in our full range of Captis cellular dataloggers.

Captis Metrum


Captis Multi


Captis Solis


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