Captis: Sensor Agnostic IoT Solution

The Captis can be used in a wide variety of applications and with a variety of sensors, eliminating the expense of human resources required to manually
visit remote locations to collect data, and the risk of human error in gathering and reporting data.

In the case of the Captis Multi+ and Multi, multiple sensors of different input can be used simultaneously to create comprehensive monitoring solutions.

Technical Sensor Requirements

Digital Inputs

  • Passive Suitable for Reed SW + Open Collector + Dry Contact.
  • Maximum pulse frequency 10Hz
  • Sensor Minimum Open Resistance 1.25MΩ.
  • Sensor Maximum Closed Resistance 60KΩ.
  • Can be set to Pulse or Switch input type and configured for
    Normally Open and Normally Closed situations.

Digital Output

  • 48VDC max
  • 1.0 A Max
  • Passive output (volt free switch)

One Wire

  • 2 channels for connecting one wire devices from the approved sensor list.

5V Out (Sensor power)

  • The 5VDC is only active during Measurement. There is a configurable sensor boot time between power on and measurement taken. Max 5VDC current draw is 100mA
  • Analogue In – 0-2.5VDC 12 Bits (Resolution of ADC) connects to the output of the analogue sensor.


  • RS232/RS485) outputs,
  • Configurable baud rate and parity.
  • Provision for configuring up to 10 Modbus Slave registers to fetch

Captis range

Captis is the one device you need to measure, monitor and control your entire IoT ecosystem.
Find the right solution for you in our full range of Captis cellular dataloggers.

Captis Metrum


Captis Pulse v1.2


Captis Multi v1.2


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