Firmware Update 1.19 FAQs

Leilani Johansen - September 19, 2021

When will the update be available?

Firmware update 1.19 is now available for all customers. Contact the mIoT Support Team to schedule your update.

What improvements can I expect?

Simplified FOTA updates
The firmware files are still hosted externally but the choice of what devices to upgrade, which version to upgrade to, and when to upgrade, are now in the hands of the user.

Improved Integration with Device Management Platform
The introduction of shell commands allows for improved integration with our device management platform (Cumulocity) and gives the user more control and autonomy with executing device tasks.

Data Transfer Efficiencies
1.19 is more efficient in its network traffic packetization, both in application and transport layers, which means lower data costs for use cases with multiple sensors or more frequent measurement intervals.

Battery Life Efficiencies
As a result of the improved data transfer efficiencies, users can expect to notice a modest increase in their Captis device battery life.

Removed Need of mIoT Server
With a simplified FOTA updates process and the introduction of shell commands, the need for reliance on mIoT servers has become redundant for the user.

Who will be responsible for updating my device/s?

1.19 will require mIoT to perform the update on behalf of the customer. However, 1.19 has been developed to give customers more control, and therefore all future firmware updates can be initiated by the end user moving forward.

Is it a requirement that I update my device/s?

No, it is not required for your devices to continue operating. However, we strongly encourage the update to ensure that your devices benefit from the increased battery and data transfer efficiencies.

Will I notice an interruption of service when updating?

This will depend on the send interval frequency of which your device/s are set. The update itself will take approximately 15 minutes, therefore if your send frequency is less than 15 minutes the closest send interval will be slightly delayed. However, no logged data will be lost and will be sent at the next send interval.

Is there a cost to update?

There is no upfront cost to access Firmware Update 1.19, however a minor expense to battery and data may occur to perform the update. The connection for the update to be initiated and completed takes approximately 15 minutes and uses between 500-600 kilobytes of data. For comparison, your average send interval event takes between 1.5 – 3 minutes.

Still have questions? Get in touch with the mIoT Support Team on 1800 646 828 or at

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