Captis Solar

The Captis cellular data logger opens up the world of data measurement and monitoring to meet the needs of a broad range of applications and data logging requirements in remote locations. The Captis Solar enables more frequent transmissions and logging by supporting and extending the battery life of the connected Captis Multi device.

Captis Solar Applications

The Captis Solar can be installed with the Captis Multi device to enhance battery life and enable more frequent data logging and sending. The Captis Solar suits all outdoor and remote applications, ensuring you maximise the power of the solar panel.

Providing the edge

Each Captis device acts as an extra employee, virtually visiting the sensor or meter, reading it as often as required
and reporting results back to the end user via email, SMS or a cloud platform

1x Pulse 1000Hz Input

1x Digital Input
(Pulse or Switch Modes)

2x One Wire
Sensor Channels

1x Analog Input

1x RS232/485
Serial/Modbus Input

1x Digital Relay Output

Dual Band


Configure OTA

Firmware Upgrade OTA

Comprehensive Device
Management Suite

Onboarding Process



use of all inputs

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Captis Range

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