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The Captis Pulse Lite has been developed as a cost effective monitoring device across a broad range of applications and remote locations. The Captis is designed to be relatively small in size; inconspicuous, robust, tamper proof, run for extended periods of time on a single battery; Cat–M1 and NBIoT compatible for use within LTE–M and NBIoT coverage areas on the Telstra IoT network.

The Captis Pulse Lite is only available with an internal antenna, and is accompanied by the appropriate plug for connecting the device to a sensor and a bracket for mounting the device.

Captis Security Features

  • Fleet management
  • Device type configuration templates
  • Firmware upgrade scheduling
  • Firmware rollback on the device
  • Bulk Configuration
  • Logging and transmission rates

Captis Pulse Lite Use Cases

  • Water Metering
  • Sewer Riser, Tank & Dam High Level
  • Vehicle Traffic Counter
  • Door/ Gate Entry
  • Weather Stations
  • Temperature/ Humidity Monitoring
  • Air Quality
  • Dust Monitoring
  • Any On/ Off Signals

Providing the Edge

The Captis Pulse Lite is a simple, easy to install unit that can be used to monitor data across broad applications.

1x Pulse 500Hz Input

1x Broken Sensor/ Wire Input

Battery Powered

Upgrade Firmware & Configure OTA

Comprehensive Device Management Suite

Dual Band LTE-M

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