Captis Power+

The Captis Power+ is able to be installed in environments where there is access to mains power, making this device ideal for applications that require very frequent data transmissions. The Captis is designed to be small in size; run for extended periods of time; and be compatible for use within LTE–M and NBIoT coverage areas.

Captis Power+ Applications

  • Metering
  • Level, Pressure, Flow: Monitor water levels, measure flow of liquid or gas through critical regions in pipe networks.
  • Water Quality: Measure and monitor water quality, recording parameters such as pH, conductivity, and ORP.
  • Environmental: Measure solar radiation, rainfall, temperature, air quality and wind speed.
  • Temperature & Humidity: Monitor the ambient air temperature, rail temperature or fridge temperature, even in a power failure.
  • Infrastructure: Monitor water usage, lux, noise, vibration of entertainment precincts, construction sites etc.
  • Smart Relays: Monitor the health and performance of your equipment.
  • Controls: Control pumps, valves and alarms in response to data readings.

Providing the edge

Captis provides the edge for data measurement and monitoring and offers a smart and secure IoT solution to a range of applications.

1x Pulse 1000Hz Input

1x Digital Input
(Pulse and Switch Modes)

2x One Wire
Sensor Channels

1x Analog Input

1x RS232/485
Serial/Modbus Inputs

1x Digital Relay Output

Dual Band LTE-M

Configure OTA

Firmware Upgrade OTA

Device Management

Onboarding Process

Fast Logging


Simultaneous use
of all Inputs


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