Captis Power+

The Captis Power+ is able to be installed in environments where there is access to mains power, making this device ideal for applications that require very frequent data transmissions.

Captis Power+ Applications

  • Metering
  • Level, Pressure, Flow: Monitor water levels, measure flow of liquid or gas through critical regions in pipe networks.
  • Water Quality: Measure and monitor water quality, recording parameters such as pH, conductivity, and ORP.
  • Environmental: Measure solar radiation, rainfall, temperature, air quality and wind speed.
  • Temperature & Humidity: Monitor the ambient air temperature, rail temperature or fridge temperature, even in a power failure.
  • Infrastructure: Monitor water usage, lux, noise, vibration of entertainment precincts, construction sites etc.
  • Smart Relays: Monitor the health and performance of your equipment.
  • Controls: Control pumps, valves and alarms in response to data readings.

Providing the edge

Captis provides the edge for data measurement and monitoring and offers a smart and secure IoT solution to a range of applications.

Max Pulse Rate: 1000Hz

2x Digital Input
(Pulse and Switch Modes)

2x One Wire
Sensor Channels

2x Analog Input

1x RS232/RS485
Serial/Modbus Inputs

1x Digital Relay Output

LTE-M1, NB1 and NB2 Cellular Coverage

Configure OTA

Firmware Upgrade OTA

Device Management

Onboarding Process

Fast Logging


Simultaneous use
of all Inputs


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