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The Captis Metrum is designed to interface with most existing mechanical water meters via a pulse pick up unit; be relatively small in size; inconspicuous, robust, tamper proof, run for extended periods of time on a single battery; Cat–M1 and NBIoT compatible for use within LTE–M and NBIoT coverage areas on the Telstra IoT network.

The Captis Metrum is accompanied by an internal antenna, the appropriate pulse pick up unit for the meter and a clamp for attaching to the meter

Digitised Domestic Water Metering

The Captis Metrum has been developed specifically for most existing mechanical water meters in Australia, and is economically and logistically accessible enough to be installed in individual homes or across large suburban landscapes; allowing for mass digitisation of domestic mechanical water meters. The Captis Metrum is the perfect device to help you measure and monitor your water usage at home and subsequently adjust your consumption to not only save costs but also save this precious resource.

Industrial Premises Water Metering

Install the Captis Metrum throughout industrial sites to measure and monitor large scale, corporate or manufacturing water usage; ensuring that every drop is accounted for physically and on your bottom line. Collect timely and accurate data about water consumption and adjust your business practices accordingly, or use the Captis Metrum for leak detection and alarming.

Providing the Edge

The Captis Metrum is a simple, easy to install unit that can be affixed to three of Australia’s most common mechanical water meters.

1x Pulse 500Hz Input

1x Broken Sensor/ Wire Input

Battery Powered

Upgrade Firmware & Configure OTA

Comprehensive Device Management Suite

Dual Band LTE-M

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